Friday Fun: Fireplaces and Christmas

There is something a bit samey about Christmas decorations especially in the English-speaking world in the northern hemisphere. But I might allow myself to be converted if there is a fireplace. I can imagine myself sitting in front of it and reading all the lovely new books I have bought for myself for Christmas (and the rest of the year).

Plenty of warmth and reading by candlelight in this Ideal Home picture.
American Christmas ideas, from Good Housekeeping.
That bench in front of the fire would be ideal for dividing up the books into piles, don’t you think? From Grandin Road.
A move away from the traditional colour scheme, the wood panelling adds some cosiness despite the lack of a rug. From Veranda.
Finally a household that understands a good reading chair is a must in front of a roaring fire. From

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Fireplaces and Christmas”

  1. I have a similar chair to the bottom photo, where I can read or write if the mood takes me, but I frequently fall asleep – so I’m not always that productive there!

  2. Hmm, maybe the minimalist Veranda room with a generous swag the only gesture to the season (the rest too fussy and OTT) but like you I regret the lack of a rug. I’d transport a rug and a reading chair and a pile of books and it’d be perrrrfect!

  3. I like the one from Veranda best, Marina Sofia. I’m a minimalist, and I do like those clean lines and ‘open’ feeling. The floor’s lovely, too.

  4. BookerTalk expressed my thoughts: I’d be happy to have the Christmas fairy hop (I guess they actually fly, right?) over to transform my slightly dismal space into any of these (although I’d prefer she include a great reading light). I’m afraid she’d have her work cut out for her, however . . .

  5. They’re all lovely except the “veranda” one which seems to come directly from Chateaubriand’s gloomy room in the family castle in Combourg.

    Practical party-pooper me wonders: how do all these decorations survive the heat of the fire?

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