Friday Fun: Library Lockdown

I wouldn’t mind getting locked down in any of these home libraries. Of course, some of them are fictional, but no need to limit yourselves to reality!

Under the eaves yet not dark at all, from
Another attic library, with a more realistic cluttered look, from
If you’ve seen the film Knives Out, I’m sure your pulses raced faster at the thought of having a study/library like this.
Another fictional library, from the TV series Gotham, as shown in Architectural Digest.
Slightly more rustic, but still incredibly inviting, from zillow. com
And if you have a few bob to spare, creates custom-made libraries, wine-cellars, walk-in wardrobes and the like.

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Library Lockdown”

  1. Oh , these are all fantastic, Marina Sofia! I’d be happy to be locked down in any of them, really. The first one ( appeals to me most because it looks airy but also snug. I could see myself locked down there! But the rest are wonderful, too!

  2. Fabulous selection! The way I feel at the moment, I’d be happy to spend lockdown shut in any of those – except, maybe, the last one which is a little formal. but the others are so cosy and appealing. The first two are particularly lovely!

  3. Oh more libraries! The first one would be great for an art studio as well (my new obsession!).

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