Friday Fun: Hidden in the Woods

Not sure if it’s the romantic or the crime writer in me who has a hankering for isolated (yet stylish) cabins well hidden in the forests – even little urban parks will do.

A townhouse in a rainforest – this contradiction in terms does not prevent this Mexican development from being hugely attractive, from Casa Chipicas Valle De Bravo.
Who doesn’t want a house on stilts – just what our ancestors ordered! From
Modern and yet feels so natural, with this terrace overlooking the stream, from
Isn’t this a perfect place for just reading? From
Such cosy cabins are nice all year round – if they have Scandinavian style triple glazing and plenty of firewood. From Cozyplaces.

18 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Hidden in the Woods”

  1. The introvert in me just adores these hideaways, Marina Sofia! I’d be happy in any one of them, but the one from Buzzfeed is especially appealing. I love it!

  2. They’re gorgeous and I’ll have one of each, please. The only issue I have with them is that while I love big windows and lots of light, I’m not sure how I’d feel about being so visible to anyone on the outside, looking in – although that’s probably less of an issue in rural or more isolated spots.

    1. I don’t think those forest retreats are very overlooked, but I did have a momentary qualm when I thought that all the tree sap might get those big windows dirty… But this is a reality-free zone on a Friday, so don’t worry!

      1. I’m reassured that you had some qualms, as well, but am also happy to revert to fantasy houses mode where that is all someone else’s problem and I never have to do any housework! Have a good weekend, Marina.

  3. Yes! I always look forward to your Friday Fun finds, and also to your book reviews. Right now I’m not very much in the mood for serious reading, but some of your choices are irresistible anyway! Many thanks for one of the most positively entertaining blogs, for helping us through these tense covid-times. Please keep on writing!

    1. And people like you make it all worth while, Bea! Thank you so much for your kind words – I will treasure that and remind myself of that when I feel that I should be doing less blogging and more of my own writing. (I enjoy both and try to keep a balance.)

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