Friday Fun: In Search of the Perfect Shelf

Of course bookshelves are the best kind of shelves, but I have to admit that I’m nosy and like to see what people put on any kind of shelves. Here are some shelves where you can proudly display your favourite things.

Corner office in your bedroom, although I do wonder how you can reach the top shelf. From
Another cute little office, although the shelves are rather high. From
Would love to have this in my hallway (if my hallway were big enough). From
It’s not all about the books – look at these amazing window shelves, from
No corner is wasted here, from
Shelves around the windows are just my favourite thing – although I do occasionally worry the books might get mouldy. From Instagram.

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: In Search of the Perfect Shelf”

  1. Can you imagine getting a book off the top shelves on most of these? They’re not for books you want to read. Actually I do like the READ arrangement in the hall. I could do that – but where would I put the rest of the books that are currently shelved all along that wall? Those READ shelves don’t hold many books, although they look very nice. 🙂

  2. Oh, these shelves are all beautiful, Marina Sofia! And shelves do tell you a lot about a person, don’t they? I think my pick would be the last one, with the shelves around the window. I’d need a stepladder for the top shelves, though, as I’m quite short. Still, it’s lovely!

  3. The quirky one spelling READ actually appeals less than the ones by or surrounding windows — a good place for books if there’s less chance of sunlight damaging them over a long period. And if there’s a comfy seat nearby, why not? Don’t mind if I do, thank you… 😁

  4. I do like those corner shelves… hm… I think I could do that in my office, actually! Oh, and that READ shelves… very cute and clever but not at ALL practical for actually storing books, unless they put some shelves inside all of the vertical parts of the letters so you can stand up the books you want to put there.

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