Friday Fun: Who Has the Fairest Home Library of Them All?

Whenever I search property websites for houses for sale in my dream locations, I am nearly invariably disappointed by the lack of books in most people’s houses. I’m not just thinking empty shelves, as is the case in one of the examples below (where the owner has clearly moved out before marketing her property), but no shelves at all, almost as if books were a dirty concept that should be kept hidden from view. Fortunately, I’ve managed to find some examples that prove that books really do form the best kind of backdrop in your home. And not just on Zoom calls.

A cosy waiting room for guests or reading nook for those who don’t like house parties. From
Another cosy reading corner, with footstool and lighting, just off the main library (one can but hope). From
A home library fit for a palazzo – or a
A small apartment need not spell the end of your bookish dreams, as this charming bedroom demonstrates. From
This room has arched windows surrounded by books on BOTH sides – and ladders! It doesn’t get much better or showier than this. From
Finally, this is the one that I said featured empty shelves. It is Emilia Clarke’s house in LA, which she has put up for sale. I think I might have enough books to cover up all that space (and perhaps a few left over). From

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Who Has the Fairest Home Library of Them All?”

    1. I did briefly wonder if I should become a ‘book buyer interior decorator’ for some rich sod, but then I met a rich sod’s concierge and she told me they never really read any of them and I would hate to do that to any books.

  1. Oh, excuse me! I wasn’t paying attention; I was dreaming of what it would be like to have one of these gorgeous libraries! I would love that bedroom library – how lovely! But any of them would be wonderful.

  2. The first two home libraries (‘cosy’ you call them, aptly I think) are just right for friends of the Great Detective to retire to for a smoke and a drink before the eureka moment arrives. The rest? More apt for a convocation of literati or scholars to adjourn to for postprandial alcohol and loud chatter. The final one? Quite literally an empty statement… 😁

  3. I love your blog, and particularly your reviews of usually very interesting books. But, but I don’t get this affection for libraries. Books sitting on bookshelves are not good for anyone, and I see you’re a real reader, always looking to read new ones. Wouldn’t finding somewhere to donate them little by little be better than accumulating them in all those home libraries?

    1. I do actually give away a huge pile of books to friends, libraries and charity shops (usually – no one is accepting them right now because of lockdown, but they are in my garage ready to give away). The problem is, I have quite a lot that I want to keep and like to reread (even if it’s just a few pages).

  4. The last one hurts me.
    I don’t buy books much atm but when I have my own house, I want my personal library. A serious reader is a rereader.

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