Friday Fun: All the Bookshelf Joy in the World

What’s the point of having a house without bookshelves filled with books? Here are some of my recent favourites (by the way, I have to keep on deleting old pictures, to make sure that I have enough space on my WordPress site, so you may find some posts are missing pictures, although I am trying to delete those rogue empty posts).

Don’t let a few pesky windows put you off having bookshelves on those walls, from Tumblr.
Tall shelves always look good, from Architectural Digest.
Having a long, narrow room doesn’t mean you have to give up on a windowseat and bookshelves. from
The longest desk in the world and a lot of lovely tall bookshelves, from Laya Decor.
Mountain chalet would suit me perfectly, from
These shelves are far too empty, but those chairs look comfy, and the reading light seems good too. All I need is a footstool… From

14 thoughts on “Friday Fun: All the Bookshelf Joy in the World”

    1. That’s what I thought I was going to get with my conservatory, but the truth is, even on a sunny day, in winter it is simply too cold to be reading there.

  1. Oh, Marina Sofia, I could live forever in some of those beautiful rooms! My first choice is the mountain chalet – a gorgeous view, those lovely shelves….I could go on! But any one of them would make me happy.

    1. I absolutely dread moving because of the book situation – but do plan to get a lot of new shelves if and when I do move. Good luck in finding the perfect ones!

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