Friday Fun: Minimalist Desks

Can you just imagine what masterpieces I might write at these super-tidy desks if I didn’t have random pieces of paper, piles of books, ten leaky pens, heart and car crafty pieces by my sons and a million other things competing for space on them? How did that saying go about a clear desk leading to a clear mind – or an empty one, possibly?

This is the picture that kicked off the dream – a desk set in a landscape of calming green, what more could you want. From
Of course, if you have a corner, you might want to make the most of your desk space and go all the way round. Get more comfy chairs, though! From
This house in the Blue Ridge Mountains, known as the Piedmont Residence, demonstrates that you can have a desk in your bedroom without a problem. As well as a view, of course. From
Another modest corner desk – this one at least hints at writing and reading getting done here. Designed by Bloxas from
The Italians do everything so stylishly – this desk ‘hidden’ in the corner of the room, facing out into landscape, perfect for deep thinking. From
This Napa Valley house also features a desk in the bedroom. Perfect if you have no partner, I believe. Or separate bedrooms. From
This is a Swiss holiday home, so I don’t think the desk is designed for daily use. Just as well, since I don’t think I’d get much writing done with that view to contemplate. Photo credit: James Silverman,

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Minimalist Desks”

  1. I love the view from the Swiss holiday home. I write on a small Victorian kitchen table acquired in a junk shop years ago. It’s covered, like yours, with notebooks, sticky notes, and always a coffee on the go. I have a messy mind.

  2. These, Marina Sofia, are exactly the sort of minimalist desk setups I would love to have if I could. I write best in that sort of environment, and I think the only problem would be getting me to leave the office area once in a while… My first choice is the Italian one, but I’d be happy with any of them!

  3. I will never have an empty desk – mine clutters again, almost as soon as I clear any space – but if I had one, I would like it to have one of these views, please. Not convinced I would get much work done but those views…!

  4. The Swiss one, please, I’d be grateful if you could transfer the house deeds to my name as soon as possible.

    Mind you, my desk (along with our sitting room, kitchen and bedroom) faces the Usk valley, with mountains to the left and right, so I suppose I’m being a bit greedy wanting a lake view as well…

  5. All lovely but… any desk that looks out onto such beautiful views would totally keep me from getting ANY work done, because I’d be starting out the window ALL DAY LONG!

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