Friday Fun: Cosiness for Reading

One day I will have a corner that is dedicated solely to reading – or even better, a whole room dedicated to my favourite hobby. Best, of course, when paired with a fireplace and a bit of view…

These stoves are great for warming up a room, from
If you don’t have a whole room to dedicate to this, you can of course use your grand staircase to carve out a reading corner, can’t you? From
If you have a room for a sofa with a warm throw over it, all the better. From Elle Decor.
Somehow, it’s even cosier if you can hide somewhere rather than a wide-open space – so people cannot interrupt you when reading. From
Quite a maritime feel to this one, and lots of books hidden in every corner, if it were mine. From
Something to aspire to: an entire reading room, with window-seat, fireplace, comfortable armchairs and lots of bookshelves.

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Cosiness for Reading”

  1. Oh, I just want to get a warm cuppa and a blanket and cuddle up in one of those places for a while, Marina Sofia! How inviting! My first choice is the one from ElleDecor, but the others are also so lovely. I’m comforted just looking at them.

  2. I love the maritime set-up, it would feel like going on board your own reading ship and sailing away to far lands. But the dream has to be the last one – library, window seats and plenty of room and light for boooooooooooooks galore!

  3. I like the one with the maritime theme! I’m very lucky in that I do have a room dedicated to reading – it has to double as my guest bedroom but the pandemic has been happening the whole time I’ve lived here, so at the moment it is a full-time library. It is not as nicely turned out as these rooms, and it has a view of some sheds and rusty mopeds, but I’m still very fond of it!

  4. I’d love to have an entire room just dedicated to reading but since that is just a pipe dream I’ll settle for a cosy corner. The maritime one looks fun, I can imagine hiding away in there very easily

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