Friday Fun: Venturing Out into the World

We’ve spent a lot of time in home libraries, cosy reading nooks, even under the stairs over the past few weeks. So it’s high time we looked at inspiring contemporary architectures (hopefully well insulated and far away from peeking eyes) set in amazing landscapes. Welcome to spring, Easter, and nature’s rebirth!

Mountain home designed by Kelly Stone Architects, from OneKindesign.
Canadian lakeside home, photo credit: Maciek Linowski, from Contemporist.
Semi-underground ecological home from the Netherlands, from
Marataba Trails Lodge in South Africa is more of a hotel but I wouldn’t mind living here all year round, from
‘Cottage’ may be an understatement for this house set on its own island on New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, designed by Bossley Architects.

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Venturing Out into the World”

  1. Thanks for sharing these, a sequence which reminds me of some of my pet likes and hates. Can I list a few of them?

    1. Flat roofs. Dry, hot environments may favour these, but locations in wet forested environments? Really? At least one or two of these (the Dutch one for example) follow the contour of the land.

    2. Glass boxes. I’ve no doubt that architects have planned these to be environmentally friendly and ecologically efficient but have these owners no notion of privacy? Glass boxes imply a suitable surrounding curtilage to keep the public’s gaze distant—I would hate to think passers-by would be able to observe my every moment.

    3. Ostentatious wealth. Most of us could only imagine a short stay in these. These retreats masquerading as mini crystal palaces are shouting ‘Look at me! I can afford this! Admire this, and weep!’ I’m sorry, but the latent puritan, communist ic strea

  2. These are all so lovely, Marina Sofia! And those landscapes! I feel nourished just looking at them! My first choice is the one in New Zealand. I would love to go back there and spend some real time in that breathtaking place.

  3. Still at work on a day such as this, providing pleasure for your friends! I’m sending love.

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