Friday Fun: Armchairs where I could read in peace forevermore

Well, that was enough of venturing outside into the sunshine. Now for a holiday, where all I have to do is sit in a super-comfortable armchair and read! These are the types of armchairs I have in mind.

My favourite colour, plus a good reading lamp and plenty of room on the shelves, from
A nice footstool is always useful – especially if your seat is taken… From
This looks more like an Instagram opportunity rather than a comfortable reading chair, from
More realistic setting, an armchair reminiscent of Ikea’s iconic one. From
Some day, when I win the lottery, I will be able to afford to buy and ship this beauty, the Brasilia chaise by Modernica.

16 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Armchairs where I could read in peace forevermore”

  1. Now most of those look very inviting. I can feel myself sighing, sinking and letting go into another world. You do have a knack for creating inviting imagery …

    1. Ha, ha, made you all look that one up, didn’t I? Yes, the original is around $4000. They don’t currently ship to the UK either, but just imagine how much that would cost on top!

  2. Oh, what a lovely thought, Marina Sofia! A comfortable armchair and a day of reading! How wonderful! The one from would be my choice (if that pup would kindly make room for me). But they’re all appealing.

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