Friday Fun: This Is How the Light Gets In

At certain times of year, we just can’t wait for the light to show up and flood our homes and rooms. Time to come out of the cave!

A conservatory-kitchen leading out into the garden – who could resist – especially if there’s some kind of shade to prevent it getting too hot. From MBPeyer Design.
Double height ceilings and an ocean view certainly make for a a beautiful light-filled room, from
Another conservatory kitchen, with a window seating area for all your friends, from Elle Decor.
This looks real but is apparently a ‘concept home’: Casa Antibaia in Sao Paolo, Brazil. From The Spaces.
While this one looks like a concept home but is apparently real, a modernistic hobbit house half-buried in the ground, from

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: This Is How the Light Gets In”

  1. When I first bought my house, my mother said that I should move the kitchen from where it was to where it could overlook the garden. Twenty years later (when I had the money) I did it, and it was the best thing ever. It’s autumn here now and I look out over the changing colours of the grapevine, the lemon and lime trees bursting with fruit, and even the occasional confused tomato in the vegetable patch. Bring in the light!

    1. Sounds like paradise. Yes, you can never have too much light in the kitchen. I had a lovely skylight in the kitchen I designed myself in the old house. Sadly, I only got to enjoy it for about a year and a half.

      1. It’s very hard when you have to leave a house you love. It’s only bricks and mortar, but somehow it gets into your being. I moved about such a lot before I finally settled here, I have fragments of memory from houses I loved all over the place.
        One of my on-off projects is to make a scrapbook of all the houses I’ve lived in. With Google maps I harvest photos of these houses and then I journal the memories that I have. (It’s quite therapeutic to do this).
        Your post has reminded me that I should get on with doing some more of it.

  2. Oh, these are just so beautiful, Marina Sofia! It just lifts you up to see so much light. Those conservatory kitchens would be my choice. Not so sure about the bedroom, as lovely as it looks…

  3. Just gorgeous – I’m really appreciating the light at the moment, though as others have said, I would struggle with that amount of light coming into my bedroom in the morning, unless I had very thick curtains…

  4. Well… there’s a limit to how much light I can stand. I live in a hot country, and there’s just so much I can take. Plus, my eyes are sensitive to the light. I’d hate a conservatory kitchen – just think about cleaning the windows of all the grease! Yuck.

    1. No, no, you are too practical! These Friday posts are all about the impossible, unattainable and sheer escapism! But I agree with you that too much sun can be blinding – my own kitchen faces south and gets the sun all day long, and when I wash up at the sink, it gets far too bright!

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