Friday Fun: Bookish Delights Under the Stairs

Under my stairs I have the cat’s litter tray, but if you set such prosaic realities aside, stairs do seem to offer an extra opportunity to store some books, especially if space is somewhat tight.

Bookshelves with a good light and even a chair to peruse properly, from
Scandinavian flair for this studio with a mezzanine in Luberon, France, from
I’m always a bit nervous about stairs with no balustrades, but maybe if you are Italian, you are never in danger of falling down them. From Porta Ticinese.
A modern reinterpretation of tradition, plus comfy armchairs, from Country Living.
The very British traditional take on home office and bookcase, from Neville Johnson.
This looks more manageable and affordable, although you might bump into things and make books fly. From

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Bookish Delights Under the Stairs”

  1. I have a large cupboard under the stairs, but it’s full of cleaning equipment, wellington boots and clutter I don’t know what to do with! Lovely thought, though.

  2. What a beautiful and clever use of that space, Marina Sofia! They’re all inviting and look like perfect places to curl up with a good book. My first choice is the second one, from But they’re all lovely.

  3. Sadly we have stone steps leading down to the cellar under our stays but I’ve always yearned to have bookshelves and a chair and table in the houses we’ve had.

    I can see why the books have been arranged horizontally in the final pic — to avoid a perpetual crick in the neck — but somehow it looks just wrong, like those tottering piles you see in overpacked secondhand bookshops.

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