Friday Fun: Virtual Holiday Homes

Looks like the safest form of holiday planning this summer will be virtually – so here are some perfect holiday homes to dream about!

Tunisian villa, from Bonnefoy Michel website.
Villa in the Peloponnese, from Pretty Greek Villas site.
Villa in Egypt, from Katameya Real Estate.
Villa in Algiers, from DestiMap.
For the fastidious and more luxury end of the market – Bali villa from
However, I have a hankering for this more traditional (and certainly not downmarket) villa, also in Bali, from Smart Travel Asia.

14 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Virtual Holiday Homes”

    1. It’s heartstopping, isn’t it – my favourite colour combination. I sometimes think I married the Greek man more for the colours in his home country than for the sake of the man himself!

  1. Always fun to get your Friday take on anything! I hope you get some luxurious REST this weekend! x

  2. Oh, these are so beautiful, Marina Sofia! I can see why you chose the one that you did – it’s fantastic. I have my eye on that Tunisian villa – such a lovely setting and I do love those colours. Still, they’re all gorgeous, and it’s fun to look at them, even if looking is all we can do at the moment…

    1. The Tunisian one is my favourite too, to be honest, I was merely comparing the two Bali ones at the end. I can see it will get quite crowded in there, as we all seem to love the colours (and its more traditional feel).

  3. The one in Egypt looks great… except Egypt’s not anywhere I plan to go (when we can all travel and be relaxed about it).

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