Friday Fun: Secret Gardens

My garden is a weed-infested, often soggy mess with its heavy clay soil and my lacklustre plant knowledge (and laziness), but I do love to see other people’s gardens, especially if they hint at being half-way secret and tucked away. And, let’s face it, gardens in the UK are simply magnificent!

The Hampstead Pergola in London, from Time Out.
The Hidden Gardens in Glasgow, from The List.
Braco Castle gardens, Scotland, from The Guardian.
Greencombe in Somerset, near Exmoor, from The Guardian.
Barnsley House, Cirencester, from
Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens in Wales, from

23 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Secret Gardens”

    1. If you lived closer, I would say you are welcome to come and work in my garden any time… I do sometimes feel it’s a shame I don’t do more with it.

  1. I don’t enjoy gardening at all, but The Spouse does so we have a lovely garden albeit a bit of a jungle. At the moment in late autumn the grape vine is a glorious red and gold, and the citrus trees are a stunning splash of green and gold.
    I know how lucky I am.

  2. These gardens really are beautiful, Marina Sofia! I haven’t got a green thumb myself, but I do love looking at a pretty garden. My choice is the one in Wales, but they’re all lovely.

  3. I’d love to have a beautiful garden but I’ve finally accepted that I’m far too lazy to have one, so must just enjoy other peoples -the yellow and purple in Cirencester is just gorgeous!

    1. I felt SUCH guilt about this for years (especially since my parents are keen gardeners and would tut-tut about my garden whenever they came to visit). I like planting bulbs and things, but weeding???

  4. Oh stunning! My garden is green but very untidy and I do love a beautiful garden but I’m too lazy and not very green fingered. I did have a lovely visit to Kew a few years back – beautiful!

    1. I once had an annual pass for RHS Wisley (which is not too far away) and it was heavenly to see those gardens in every season. Back then I even bought gardening magazines and tried very hard to learn a little about plants, even planted carrots, but I simply lacked the patience or talent in the end.

  5. Oh how I wish my garden looked anywhere as inviting as these. I’m very enthusiastic but really haven’t much idea what I’m doing. We do have very tall aliums this year just like the ones in the Barnsley House photo.

      1. I reason with myself that if I do some work in the garden, then I get to enjoy it more. If I was sitting there and just surrounded by weeds or bald patches, I’d become too stressed

    1. Sounds like we need to start a ‘lazy gardeners who like admiring other people’s efforts’ club! Quite a few of my readers seem to fall in that category. I thought it was just me and was feeling like a terrible loser.

  6. I love seeing the viewers’ gardens on Gardeners’ World – but I would never send a clip of my own garden. Though I love gardening, mine never looks like other people’s beautiful gardens.

    1. At least you try and love it. I have given up. Or maybe I should try a Japanese sand and pebble garden (except my cat might think it’s a giant litter tray).

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