Friday Fun: Reading and Forgetting About the World

Everyone may be rushing to go outside and escape lockdown conditions, but there will always be some of us who don’t mind staying indoors and reading… especially in cosy reading nooks such as these.

I mean, you’re practically outdoors with this attick library, aren’t you? From Pinterest.
A more classical interpretation of the librar, but Il
A lamp, a ladder, a cushion for the back, this one is for a reading pro. From Design Swan.
From the cosy to the monumental – from Blender Artists.
I can only assume the bookshelves are somewhere close by, but this is a great seating arrangement for reading. From Architectural Digest.
Couldn’t resist this vintage little photo, which might very well be a representation of me reading back in the days when I cared less about my back.

15 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Reading and Forgetting About the World”

  1. I’d love the attic arrangement, but with the seating from the second picture 🙂 I’m afraid the last from AD would make me sleepy!

  2. Oh, Marina Sofia, these are great! I’m one of those, too, who could spend even a beautiful summer day reading indoors. And those are very tempting options! I think I like the second one best. I generally prefer lighter furniture, but I love the light coming in and that ‘library’ look. The rest are lovely, too!

    1. I seem to prefer reading indoors nowadays, as the glare from the sun and the insects makes it difficult to concentrate… But today we had rain all day, so perfect timing for my post!

  3. Oh, a couple of these made me want to plop down and finish the very good book that I’m reading. But alas, work calls. Hopefully this weekend!

  4. All of them are so tempting but I’m going with the Blender Artists design. I hope that chair comes with the room – doesn’t it look inviting!
    It’s decades since I was able to get into that kind of reading position – and be able to get back out again…

  5. I had no problem with lockdown and being able to stay in and read. Hell, I think I’ll keep locking myself down! Oh, and actually, that last pic… I don’t think it would be hard on your back… you might not be able to get up, but still…

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