Friday Fun: How to Read Outdoors

A couple of the readers commenting on last week’s post expressed some misgivings about reading indoors in fine weather, while others admitted they weren’t that keen on reading outdoors. Although in my youth I used to read outdoors (most notably when I was supposed to be looking after my grandmother’s animals – e.g. I read Anna Karenina in the cherry tree, stuffing myself with cherries and losing the cow in the process), I find the insects and the noise of other people’s mowers and barbecues put me off doing so nowadays. However, these gorgeous settings might make me change my mind.

Sadly, the WordPress block editor has decided not to allow me to add any text directly below the image, so I will have to produce a little bit of text in-between images. Can you just quit ‘improving’ things all the time, WordPress?

  1. Above: cosy reading and writing nook, from Decor Renewal.

2. Of course, it helps if you live in a forest. From Book Bub.

3. This is so bright, you might be able to even read here after sunset. From The Backyard Room.

4. If you’re an Italian prince and want the Rolls Royce of garden loungers, this one from Patio Productions should do the trick.

5. I struggle to read for a long time in a hammock, as my back starts aching, but it’s a lovely feel. From Better Homes and Gardens.

6. If all else fails, a garden bench in the shade will do as well. From The Garden Glove.

27 thoughts on “Friday Fun: How to Read Outdoors”

    1. I agree! I had a wonderful garden chair – a sort of deckchair but with cushioning. Except that it’s collapsing now and I don’t know how to fix it!

  1. When I started my career as an artist in Toronto, Canada, all my work was done in a studio. After moving to Provence ( you do know this region in France) I was encouraged by friends to attempt drawing outdoors. Being surround by such beautiful landscapes , I thought I might give it a go. After ten minutes of the the wind endlessly lifting my paper, and being tortured by flies, mosquitoes and ants, I packed up my materials, went back to my studio, put on some Scriabin music and disappeared into the more familiar, distraction-free world of my inner landscapes.

    1. I hear you! I also feel more comfortable inside… and I cannot wait to meet up again in Provence for drinks after working on our respective masterpieces…

  2. Now you’re talking! I’ll take the last one please. And are you sure you can’t caption your images? I’m a techie dullard, but I can. There’s a thingie in grey saying ‘caption’ just below the image when you’ve uploaded it. Sometimes it appears at the bottom of the image itself. Maybe….?

  3. I’m someone who enjoys looking outdoors, but reading indoors. Insects, pollen, traffic noise, being tickled by plants – everything distracts me. Those pictures would be lovely to look out on though.

  4. Now, these are innovative ways to be able to read outdoors, Marina Sofia! I think I’d choose that first lovely little book nook . It just looks really warm and inviting.

  5. I live in an apartment in a busy urban area near a major highway, but love reading on the balcony….and noise cancelling headphones, the kind construction workers wear, are just the solution to the noise…..

  6. If outdoors I’d want some shade or shelter, so it’s the first one (without the lights) or the last for me. I’m not sure I could read outside in the dark — little flying beasties and sudden temperature changes would put me off — but daylight with the wind rustling the leaves and birdsong providing natural background music would be one ideal!

    1. Oh, it gets worse… The cow ran away and ended up in front of the church where my grandmother was that Sunday. The whole village witnessed that and of course teased me endlessly about it afterwards. My grandmother felt humiliated!!!

  7. I usually enjoy reading outdoors in summer, but this week the experience has been marred somewhat by ongoing work to install new fibre cables for the internet in the local area. They’re here again today, so we’re set for another day of drilling and general disturbance. Oh, joy!

    That aside, I love the look of number 2. in your list, a very tranquil setting for a spot of weekend reading…

    1. It appears all of my neighbours are changing windows, installing air conditioning, building extensions, tearing down their garage, having their garden redone etc. etc. It has been non-stop noise for the past 3 weeks, and I’m slowly but surely going mad!

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