Friday Fun: Who wants to read on the balcony?

Many of you have complained that reading outdoors has its downsides: creepy crawlies, hayfever, too much glare from the sun, the heat… So how about these balconies for a tolerable compromise? I should add that it’s a shame that not very many British homes have usable balconies, possibly because the weather is not that conducive to sitting outside to read and write… or else developers are trying to cut down on costs.

Not all balconies are strong enough to take large container plants, but when they do, the results are gorgeous. From
Great to socialise, although I would demand plenty of quiet time for just me and my cat to read here, from Home Art Mania.
Some balconies are really an extra room, especially with such a dreamy view. From Home Art Mania.
Tropical look is what I adore, and this Brazilian designer is truly fantastic:
It doesn’t have to be huge, as this inside/outside space in Paris demonstrates, from
Even if there is no room to actually sit on the balcony, this charming flower arrangement is worth it. From Design Cafe.

18 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Who wants to read on the balcony?”

  1. In answer to your question: me! And in order of preference, 1, then 5 and 3. But we already have a bedroom window seat with views over the Black Mountains and the Usk valley and we’re quite happy with that!

    1. Very nice Marina. If I had a balcony like those, I’d very likely sit on one of them them. As it is I’m an indoor reader and writer.

  2. What a wonderful array. We are lucky to have two big terraces, but these are all incredible!

      1. Again, yours for the asking. You can even bring your parents to my place. Say the word and we’ll sort it. X

  3. Some lovely ones there; I’d love to sit out and read often but the weather is rarely conducive; I do make an attempt in the colder months (heat is more of a problem here).

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I’d say that in Romania or Greece, when it’s really hot in the summer, the verandas/terraces still tend to be cool, because they have overhangs or sunshades or growing plants (grapevines at my aunt’s house – complete and utter joy!). Or at least cooler…

      1. I’m in India and at the moment where I live temp have been over 40oc. (We did have some respite with rain yesterday.) So it is mostly during November-March that one spend some time outdoors. My mom reads outside most winter afternoons, and I try to as well when I have the time.

  4. What a great idea for reading outdoors without all of the downside of it. And these are lovely, too, Marina Sofia! I want to grab my book and a cup of something right now! I’ll see you on that Paris balcony from gardenweb…

  5. I love the view from the Home Art Mania balcony but that tropical look nails it for me.
    My dream would be a home with a stoop like they have in many parts of the US – needs to come with a swing chair of course and a mint julep

  6. I’m lucky enough to have a tiny balcony just the right size for a chair, a table, and a book, and I do indeed read out there often. I love that flowery balcony you’ve shown though!

  7. I read either on my balcony or in bed! But my balcony isn’t ideal just yet (new apartment, doncha know). I’d love to have any of these, but I have a small space… I just need some kind of shade umbrella for summer afternoons!

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