Friday Fun: The Flowers We Wish We Had

Look, just because I’m a rubbish gardener and don’t like being suburnt or buzzed by wasps while reading outdoors, doesn’t mean that I cannot appreciate a beautiful garden, and the English cottage garden style which is so difficult to replicate without a lot of hard work…

Gateway to paradise, from
Frith Lodge, Sussex. Lavender always a pleasure and delight to see, from My Design Chic.
Antique urns always present an interesting focal point, from
I can never resist a secret path between the flower beds, from OC Signature Properties.
This one is open to the public, at least on occasion, from Amberley Open Gardens.
Blue heaven, from the aptly named Heaven’s Walk Blog.

Did you know, by the way, that there seems to be a trend for short filmed walks through gardens? Try The Flower World on Pinterest.

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: The Flowers We Wish We Had”

  1. Just lovely! I didn’t know about the short filmed walks, that will be perfect until my hay fever subsides (for some reason it’s dragging on this year) – thank you Marina Sofia 😊

  2. Those are such gorgeous gardens, Marina Sofia! I’m no gardener myself, but I can appreciate their beauty. The one from Amberley Open Gardens really calls to me, but the others are lovely, too.

  3. Those are just beautiful! My garden is a bit of a shambles and I’m not good at growing things (plus too lazy to put in the sheer hard graft you need to do to have a gorgeous garden.) But I love to look at them. Might have to try to get to a few over the summer!

  4. Any of these would do. And I do like gardens connected with authors and their ilk: for example, when we holidayed on the Kent/East Sussex border we visited gardens associated with Vita Sackville-West, Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell, each one different but beautifully maintained in the style established by the three individuals and where it was easy to imagine their presence.

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