Friday Fun: Chalets with Gardens

I’ve not given you much in the way of holiday destinations and escapism with my #WITMonth reading so far, so let me make it up to you. What if you crave a cosy garden AND untamed nature just a little further on? Well, you could do worse than snap up one of these charming little (little?) chalets around the world.

The river just below you, the forest behind you… not much room for a garden, you might think, but there is one (or at least a decking) to the side. Ideal for fishing. Aspen, Colorado, from Aspen Trout Guide.
The quintessential Swiss chalet, with its incredible window boxes. From Swiss House.
Landscaped garden in this offering from Bonin Architects. And well isolated from any nosy neighbours.
Another classic view in the Dolomites, with a sunny pasture to the front for your four-legged friends, from Casa Italia.
The Nokochi – Sanso Villa near Kyoto is particularly beautiful in autumn.
Best for last, I want to instantly move to this beautiful jewel in Romania. From Decoist.

23 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Chalets with Gardens”

  1. For some reason I find the Aspen one quite scary – I think its the angle of the windows and feeling you could just tip into the elements! I’d be very happy in any of the others though 🙂

  2. Interesting, because they are 2 completely different types of houses. The traditional chalet-type are attractive, but the idea of the modern almost all-glass-windows is very tempting. Thank you as always for helping us dream! 🙂

  3. To be honest… I’ll take the one on the banks of that roaring river with the forest behind. I don’t need a garden… just a porch to sit out on! Perfect for me!

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