Friday Fun: Dining with Friends

When the summer holidays are over and people gather back for school and work once more, I miss all of my friends who live in other countries. Since I am still cautious about travelling, I can’t go and see them, but I am imagining we are sitting and having endless discussions over dinner and wine in places like these.

Even in the heart of the city, you can create a little oasis, from Gardenista.
This lovely little street to paradise is on the Greek island of Lesvos. From Bored Panda.
If you enjoy your vine pergolas like I do, this terrace is enticing, from
It doesn’t always have to be a dining table, it can be a cosy chat between friends (although that fireplace feels like a bit of a waste). From Outside Modern.
My auntie’s chairs were a bit more solid, but this one reminds me a lot of her house. From Joyful Derivatives.

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Dining with Friends”

  1. These are all glorious! So lovely to sit around the supper table with friends as the light goes and candles are lit, citronella to fend of the bugs! I hope you can do that next summer.

  2. I’m not travelling yet either, so your blog is a great gateway to the big wide world. I like the first one, which shows being in the city doesn’t have to be a total bore! Thanks 🙂

  3. What lovely places, Marina Sofia! And I can just imagine sharing some food, some good wine, and some conversation in them! I like the one from apieceofrainbow the best, so please, save me a place there!

  4. These are all so lovely, Marina. The last one reminds me of a hotel I once visited in Puglia, when it was warm enough to eat outdoors. Meanwhile, it feels as if we’re in autumn already over here…

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