Something Different: Reading Flash Fiction in The Bangor Literary Journal

I was delighted and honoured to have one piece of flash fiction accepted by The Bangor Literary Journal. Issue 15 is being launched today and available for free download.

You can read my piece alongside many high-quality poems and flashes, as well as admire the art work right here. In the meantime (although I cannot bear to watch myself on playback), you can watch me struggling to look the camera in the eye as I read ‘Hypersensitive’, an almost true story.

17 thoughts on “Something Different: Reading Flash Fiction in The Bangor Literary Journal”

    1. It’s very interesting writing flash because you have to write it all in and then take it all out again, till you have a very pared down, implied story.

  1. Enjoyed your short story and your expressive reading. I was in ‘the moment’ and felt the cat-s observant presence. I also want to express many thanks for all the work you do for us subscribers. I have found many books through you.

  2. This is so good, I could picture every scene. So much (not) said in so few, so well chosen, words.

    And your reading was excellent. (I too hate the sound of my own voice.)

  3. I’ve only really just discovered flash fiction and you’ve written a perfect example, I love the bitter sweetness of it and you do read it beautifully – huge congratulations!

    1. I too discovered flash fiction only about 3 years ago but have become very fond of it. It’s a real challenge to leave so much out, yet make it fully self-contained and clear.

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