Friday Fun: Time to Move Indoors

It’s the end of the summer (for some of us) and so I leave the beautiful gardens and landscapes, and take you indoors. Please make yourselves comfortable on these sofas – although some of them look more comfortable than others. I love modern design, but I almost fear sitting down on some of these sofas for fear of messing up! (Incidentally, I am getting a new sofa soon, which may be why I am so receptive to these images, although it’s safe to say mine will be nothing like as grand as any of those below.)

This one in a house in Brisbane looks like something I might actually be able to afford, from, photo credit: Tom Ross.
While this one looks more… aspirational. From
I had a white sofa once upon a time, before I had children or pets… From Interior Design Gallery.
This one has practical elements I can certainly get on board with! From
This Belgrave town house has such airy rooms that more than one sofa might be required, from Helen Green Design.
Well, no one can accuse this room in Utah of being too white and bland. From
If all of the above is too minimalist for you, English country house style is still alive and well. From Country and Town House, photo credit: Simon Upton
But this lived-in look appeals to me infinitely more, from, credit: Christopher Horwood.

19 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Time to Move Indoors”

  1. I have to admit, I really like the white sofa! I’ve never had one. My mother always said white sofas and carpets were enough to make you crazy and she’d NEVER do either. I guess I listened!

    1. My white sofa did have a removable, washable cover, so it worked fine for a while until sticky fingers and chocolatey mouths became part of the equation. To think I used to have a beautifully decorated blue-and-white living room once upon a time!

  2. The people who make sofas now don’t take account of people like me with short legs. I can’t sit on any of these without ending up with legs dang,inf in mid air.

  3. These look so inviting, Marina Sofia! I really especially like the one in Brisbane. Plenty of light, but it’s still indoors. And those bookshelves… But they’re all very nice.

  4. Most of these are of sofas in BIG rooms; as we have a sitting room roughly 5 by 6 metres with doors in three walls and absolutely no right angles, we already have trouble with our 2- and 3-seaters, and I can’t imagine any of these sofas fitting comfortably in our environment.

  5. Love leather sofas. My last three, including my current one, have been leather. Although I tend toward a minimalist aesthetic, I do really like the last room. It’s very interesting to look at. Good luck with your sofa search!

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