Friday Fun: Writing Retreats

I was supposed to be setting off next week on a (self-made) writing retreat in the north of England. [This is beginning to look increasingly unlikely, but I am still hoping against all hope.] My first time away from home since Christmas 2019, a much-desired change of scenery and a chance to work peacefully on some new writing ideas. I’ve realised that most writing retreats seem to be monastic-style cells, with minimum of distractions, set in a pretty landscape, and perhaps with a comfortable communal area (and someone else preparing your food, ideally). Here are some which caught my eye.

Hawthornden Castle in Scotland is notorious for having bad Wifi and mobile phone reception – so you can’t do anything else except write. From
But Scottish retreats can be quite modern and ecologically aware, such as this one at Cove Park. From
This place in the Arctic Circle in Norway has the reputation of being the northernmost writers’ and artists’ retreat. Photo credit: Katherine Sorgard.
Villa Sarkia in Finland is more traditionally built, but will also have your Nordic Noir fans’ hearts beating faster. From VillaSarkia on Tumblr.
The modernistic treehouses of the Jan Michalski Foundation in Switzerland have been calling to me ever since they were built.
But it’s not just Northern climes that offer tranquillity, as this place, Casa Wabi in Mexico, proves. From Architectural Digest.
The clean, modern lines of the architecture of Diane Middlebrook are obvious here at this retreat bearing her name in California. From
At the other end of the scale, there is the beautiful Tuscan Villa Lena, from

15 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Writing Retreats”

  1. It would be the Tuscan villa for me, banking on the fact I’d be able to indulge in good food, wine, ice cream and coffee in between the writing.

    Hope your week off does materialise.

  2. Just great! I’ve never thought of going on a retreat, as home is pretty calm. But most of these look ever so tempting, I just might start thinking of something along these lines. And obviously, hope you make it this time round!

  3. The utter bliss those images evoke, there’s no escaping the blank page except in the scenery, the writer’s gift for sitting. I hope you get your time away, or can rearrange it if not when you initially planned.

  4. I would absolutely love a writing retreat, Marina Sofia! How very, very tempting! The one in Mexico appeals to me the most – I can just see myself there.. But they’re all absolutely lovely!

  5. Funny you should mention that… I just signed up for a writing retreat and tour of western Ireland that will take place in July. Hopefully by then things will have calmed down! These look great, by the way, and I’d do Scotland anytime!

        1. I just hope a new variant of this damned virus doesn’t blow this trip up for me. Yeah, it isn’t cheap but I came in to some extra funds recently so I’m saving it for this!

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