Friday Fun: Home Libraries to the Nth Degree

Surely you haven’t got bored of me showing you magnificent home libraries and bookshelf possibilities? Here are a few recent favourites. I do hope I am not repeating myself.

Inbuilt shelves in my favourite colour, from Foxtail Books.
The tiles, plants and shelves makes this look almost like a courtyard library. From Apartment Therapy.
This Canadian home not only has the indispensable library ladder, but also colour coordination in the upper realm (where you probably go less frequently?) From
The South African editor of Elle is a collector and has this wonderful gallery with shelves to house books and collections. From
A cabin-like feel to this reading nook, from
Of course, I crave the truly palatial, like this gallery from Elle Decor.

14 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Home Libraries to the Nth Degree”

  1. Bored by photos of beautiful libraries?? No never…. Keep them coming please. I’m unlikely to ever have one of my own but I can still drool can’t I? My favourite is the Foxtail Books version

  2. Ooh, I am with you! I like the first one in the last one the best. But both of them need a huge cushy reading chair :-). And a phenomenal cup of herbal tea.

    1. That’s what I like to hear – that I am not just muttering to myself in the wilderness, while clutching precious pictures of beautiful interiors to my bony old breast!

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