Friday Fun: Hidden Doors

Thanks to my endless displays of home libraries in the Friday Fun series, one might suppose you have an impeccable home office/ study/ library by now. Ah, but do you have a hidden door? Next to a library ladder, it must be the single most coveted thing for a library addict. Here are some suggestions for when you next feel like a minor home improvement is required… Or when you want to hide and scare someone for Halloween!

A sliding door to the attic (where possibly there are even more books!) from
I think this one must be in a stately home, but I have no other source for it other than Flickr.
Perfectly hidden, in classic design, from
The French version of this allows for some busts of your heroes, in
For the serious collector, this climate-controlled library in a house designed by the great Oscar Niemeyer, from Architectural Digest.
This one is not very hidden, not even a door really, but I could imagine feeling quite apart from the hustle and bustle of the living room in that little library corner. From Content in a Cottage.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Hidden Doors”

  1. There’s a wonderful hidden door at Grimm & Co, which is itself a wonderful place for children’s literacy (and is set up to look like a magician’s apothecary).

  2. I love the last one, it has more light but the hidden door isn’t as cool as the others.
    And now trying to decide what is the coolest between library ladders and hidden doors.

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