Friday Fun: Glamorous Home Libraries

For those who dare to dream big, or else convert their entire house into a home library (I mean: I would, as long as I had a bathroom and a kitchen and a bed somewhere as well). These all look rather comfortable, I’m sure you’ll agree. One thing, however, makes me sad. Many of these are from very expensive properties in the US and I cannot help wondering if many of these vast libraries are just for show, rather than that the owners truly read and treasure all of their books.

My kind of NYC penthouse, from
This one might look like a shop, but is apparently an apartment you can rent out from
Plenty of room for more books on these shelves from Florida, from Architectural Design.
This Ellison Bay mansion was apparently the most expensive house in Wisconsin, from JS Online.
If you don’t have a mansion, how about converting your nearest barn? This one looks cosy, from
I have no idea who Emma Burns is, but this is apparently her barn, which she has converted into a library with a guest bed on the mezzanine floor. I want to be her friend! From GlowDesignLibrary.
If you have a large garden, then this slightly luxurious version of a garden shed might work for you, from

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Glamorous Home Libraries”

  1. Oh, my!! I could lose myself in any one of these libraries, Marina Sofia! What a treasure it would be to have a place like that. My first choice is the Emma Burns one, but they’re all wonderful!

  2. Agree with our re how many of these are for actual use rather than for show. Especially the Emma Burns barn one….colour coordinated bookshelves are always a bad sign!

    1. Why, thank you! Yes, it all started with my obsession about writers’ studies and French chateaux, but it has expanded to everything interior design or escapist (especially when it contains books).

  3. I like the last three the best, and I too want to be friends with Emma Burns! The idea of converting a barn into a library sounds really lovely (if you have a barn, that is), but I hope its well insulated!

  4. The penthouse is calling to me. Though its now possible for us to fly to the US, the flight costs are eye-watering so I shall have to wait a while before taking up residence 🙂

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