Friday Fun: More Glamorous Work Spaces

Last week’s home offices were too practical, too efficient. Let’s look at something a little more aspirational this week!

A gallery study in a mountain chalet – you can’t aspire to anything higher than that, right? From Career Contessa.
This is a real design studio for Sarah Sherman, but I would use it just for myself.
This looks like a ship’s captain observation deck, I am a fan of wood panelling at times. From
This one looks like a painting, especially with the open window. From
Corner offices, especially with corner windows, have always been my weakness. From the archives of
Perhaps a bit too much glare in this Brussels home office, but it does look rather chic. From

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: More Glamorous Work Spaces”

  1. Oh, these are fantastic, Marina Sofia. I could easily settle in into any of them. The one I would choose, though, would be the one from homestolove – I love that view right from the window, and those convenient shelves, too. It’s lovely and light, as well. The only thing is, I’d need a stepladder or stepstool for those higher shelves. Wouldn’t matter, though; I’d love an office like that!

  2. Hm… these all are pretty enough, but they seem a bit… stark and cold to me. Also, while having a good window is great, if there’s any kind of good view, I’m positive I’d never get any work done if my desk faced the window.

  3. I love the corner offices.

    No offence but…No such thing as too much glare in Brussels. At my former job, the headquarters were in Brussels. They didn’t even have blinds on the office’s windows to prevent the sun from bothering you, they didn’t need them!

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