Friday Fun: Perfect Workspaces?

I’m not so keen on open plan offices, but I’ve always loved the idea of having an office of my own, with a door I can close, and with lots of beautiful storage space so that I can be freakishly neat (I used to be, once upon a time, not so much now!)

OK, this is an office, but it’s an architects’ studio, and it has a view, so that makes it slightly better than most. From
A rather strange all-in-one-desk that can function as a room divider. From In Order to Succeed.
A more minimalist approach, with lots of lighting, both natural and artificial, from YLighting.
A window seat for a bit of a break from work is always a good thing, in my book. From Design Cafe.
Huge windows and lots of plants, as well as the pops of bright colour, make this one very attractive in my eyes. From
Another bright pop of colour to give some zing to a rather bland room with a desk in the middle! Still, that view is a bit OK, isn’t it? From Decorilla.

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Perfect Workspaces?”

  1. Big windows and a cityscape/seascape/landscape for me please… Not that that bears any resemblance to the reality: current office is a living room/dining room complete with a 14-yr-old with COVID cluttering up the sofa under a duvet and blasting out episode after episode of American Dad on Disney+

  2. I love these offices, Marina Sofia! They’re functional, but so beautiful, too, and some of those views are great. My choice is the really minimalist one. I’m a minimalist at heart (except books – you can never have too many books), and that one really appeals. But the others are great, too.

  3. The second one is awfully distracting. I like the minimalist best, and the one from TheModernHouse too, though it makes me wonder: how on earth do you heat it? (it’s getting cool-cold-ish even here in Rome these days)…

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