Quick Reviews on Video (for a change)

I am not always sure that recording a video is quicker than writing a review, but this was more like improvisation based on bullet points. So, if you can bear me looking just about everywhere except for the camera, this is a good way to talk about four books which were very enjoyable, but about which I don’t have enough to say for a really comprehensive review. Or, to be honest, am also too busy to sit down and think about more comprehensively and coherently.

The books are (in order):

  • Catherine Fox: Angels and Men, set in Durham in the 1990s
  • Abir Mukherjee: A Necessary Evil, set in India in 1920
  • E.C.R. Lorac: These Names Make Clues, set in 1936 London
  • Bella Ellis: The Vanished Bride, set in Haworth in 1845.

24 thoughts on “Quick Reviews on Video (for a change)”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this – thank you. It was good to ‘meet’ you in this informal setting, and the chatty yet articulate way in which you brought these books to life was very engaging. More please!

    1. I am more spontaneous and succinct when I talk about things rather than writing them down. I would probably struggle to do videos for The Brothers Karamazov or something like that, but it feels more informal and chatty for fun books.

  2. I really like this approach to doing your mini-reviews, Marina Sofia. It works well as an alternative to written reviews – it really does. I agree with you, though, that video reviews are not necessarily quicker to do than written ones. All sorts of things have to be planned, and I give you credit for doing this.

    1. It helps if you are utterly unbothered about appearance and refuse to do any additional takes or video editing! I can still probably type faster than the videos upload onto YouTube, but I am far, far more verbose when I write reviews, so this might be a good way to keep it brief.

    1. I am always somewhat wary of these ‘real historical figures playing detectives’ trend, because some of them are dire, but this was very lovingly done and quite believable. Would recommend.

    1. Actually, I had a haircut only last week – it was much longer than that. I stopped getting it cut during the first lockdown and it has always grown very fast.

  3. Well done and what a treat to see you, although by now your nom de plume is seriously clashing by how I know you in person! Wonderful choices. If I could read at the rate you do I’d read the whole Mukherjee series. Neat links with the pseudonyms even if may not carry through all the books. Brava and keep breaking legs!

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