Friday Fun: Cosy Reading Places

We can never get enough of the great bookish indoors, can we? Here are some reading nooks where I could spend the entire month of December, with or without any Christmas decorations.

Large windows: yay or nay? Let the light in for winter months, but might feel rather chilly if not triple glazed. This room also has space to invite your book club members over for a chat, from Moon to Moon.
Are there paintings on the ceiling there for readers to rest their eyes? I love the green shimmer throughout this library, clearly a very Zen space. From Danielle Trussoni.
That New York loft feel, could do with some more shelves though. From The Spaces.
Designed for a couple from Montreal who wanted to be able to work and read in the same space, from Studio MMA.
Who doesn’t love a porthole type window, especially if it’s surrounded by bookshelves and positioned strategically next to a comfy chair? From The Nordroom.
We can’t all have vast amounts of space, so this is a particularly ingenious solution under the eaves in a flat in France. From FJA Architecture.
And there are more realistic solutions, withing our budgets, such as this reading nook featured by Jessica Paster.

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Cosy Reading Places”

  1. Oh, these are all so lovely, Marina Sofia! I could happily curl up in any of them! But the second one is the one I’d choose. Like you, I could spend the whole month there…

  2. A comfy armchair with filled bookshelves close to hand? In a light airy space? Maybe with a rug or two? Yes, please! But if I was confined to a teensy flat with a mezzanine floor the stairs-cum-bookcase arrangement would have to do, just with wider treads or, preferably, more of them… 😁

  3. I love big windows, but only if the view is pleasing. I would hate looking out of that NY loft.
    It’s taken years to achieve it, but all my windows look out onto greenery because I’ve blocked out bricks and mortar with trellis and vines and other plantings.

  4. Lots of good ones here. You’re right, that loft does need more shelves, but so does that one under the eves in France. Oh, and that chair in the last one… classic!

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