Friday Fun: Winter-Ready Houses

Just in case the chateaux in the previous post felt a little bit too aspirational for you, here are some humble abodes getting ready for the winter holiday season.

The urban attempt, tucked away between other buildings, from
The isolated Scandinavian cottage, from Pinterest.
The Romanian Village house, from Muzeul Satului.
The warm glow of welcome, from the Canadian Rockies, Emerald Lake.
The American suburb competition of Christmas decorations, from Curated Interior.
Still American suburb, but a more natural style of decorating, from Soutern Living.

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Winter-Ready Houses”

  1. I prefer the snowy ones to the decorated ones, maybe just because I’m very lazy and know I couldn’t be bothered to dress up my house like that! They all look so festive and lovely.

    1. I must be the only one who loves Last Christmas for the video rather than the song, because I used to go skiing with friends in the mountains and miss it so, so much!

  2. What lovely places, Marina Sofia! They all look welcoming! I think I’ll ask to share that Canadian lakeside home, but if the answer were ‘no,’ I’d be happy in any of the others.

  3. The urban attempt does it for me: having lived for a decade in an isolated farmhouse which was cut off when it snowed (we once had to dig out a way for the car so we, could drive to an airport to go on a skiing holiday!) I’ve ‘done’ snowy residences… 🙂

    1. Ha ha, yes, we very nearly rented a chalet in the mountains when we lived in France – the view was breathtaking. But then the reality of digging our way out through the snow to get to school hit me…

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