Friday Fun: Happy New Year in Your Happy Place!

Here are a few cosy places that make me happy in winter… if I had them in my life, that is. Hope you have a good ‘Rutsch’ (slip) into the New Year, as the Germans say, and that it is a much better year for all of us!

A double-decker study, from PMC Architects.
A study on the veranda to survive the dark winter days, from SF Girl by Bay.
You might be hiding in the jungle, but you still have plenty of light, from
Darker spaces, without windows, can be cosy too in winter. I can imagine storytelling against this backdrop.
Chalets are never far from my thoughts in the winter months, from Architectural Digest.
And when you are ready to conk out, is there a more beautiful place than this bedroom (watch out for the masks though!). From AirBnB.

15 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Happy New Year in Your Happy Place!”

  1. I’m puzzled by the double-decker study how do you get to the books on the upper level that are nearest the window – do you need to be able to levitate?

  2. Such lovely places, Marina Sofia! It’s hard to choose among them, but I think I’d choose the double-decker study if there’s room for me there. Wishing you all the best for 2022! May it be a better year for all.

  3. All the best for the New Year 🙂 , with many many thanks also for all your great book-related blogs and making this whole coronavirus season at least … supportable !

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