A Year of First Lines

The idea is you take the first line of the first post of each month and use it to sum up the past year. I remember doing this a few years back and being amazed at how accurate it was in describing my year. However, nowadays my first line of any blog post tends to be more practical. So I am forced to be more creative and use an erasure poetry approach, jiggle them all round and hey presto:

An oasis of beautiful greenery stuck in limbo: you know you love it. Yet not all balconies are strong enough to take large container plants (like me). My merry bookish dissolute ways! My head felt very ‘ouch’ but the sheer glee of folie à plusieurs… It’s the end of the summer, so I take you indoors.

Britain is far less open to revolution. That moral flat-iron called common-sense. It is a pity that they have to behave like that. ‘Balkanisation’ is a frame of mind that is easily accessible to anyone, regardless of geography. Some were baffled, some were outraged, a few thoroughly enjoyed it…

Perhaps I don’t believe in happy ends?

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