Friday Fun: Let the Architects Loose on your Books!

Ah, to be a city council or a homeowner with the budget to allow an architect to design your library! Some of the examples below might be less practical than others, but they all undeniably have the wow factor.

I always dreamt of converting the loft and creating a double or even triple height library plus gallery. This one is designed by Allan Greenberg, from
Imagine if this were your entrance hall! Designed by Luigi Rosselli, from their website.
A-cero Architects desinged this room with a view for a villa in Madrid, from
This Mexican home with a concrete library designed by Pedro Reyes looks like an accident waiting to happen, from
Of course, most architects design public libraries, like this magnificent creation at Tianjin in China, by Dutch firm MVRDV.

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Let the Architects Loose on your Books!”

  1. Oh, my!! Oh, my! How lovely it would be to be able to escape to one of these places and just lose myself in books! I honestly don’t know which one to choose, but I suppose if I had to, it’d be the one in Madrid; I like that open-air look. Honestly, though, it’d be wonderful to have any of them!

  2. I would like to think all of these — apart from the Chinese Space Odyssey library — are different areas of the same ideal home or even public library. Please can you make it happen? 😊

  3. My goodness, how wonderful! I would happily let any architect loose on my home if they could create something like the first two, which are stunning and might actually provide enough room for me to properly shelve my books!!!

  4. These are so lovely! I am sorry to say that I was involved in the renovation of my branch library (from the perspective of the Friends of the Library) and our city chose an architect without much in the way of library experience and very little interest in the needs of the community. All the Boston libraries now seem to resemble Apple stores – which I enjoy when I am looking for a computer but NOT for a book!


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