Friday Fun: How to Furnish a Manor House

Now that we’ve acquired the perfect manor house, how do we furnish it? The preference seems to be for traditional 16-19th century furnishings (matching the exterior of the building), but occasionally you get the more adventurous owner (or designer).

Empire style at the Vezelay chateau, from Belles Demeures.
Baroque fresco at this rather un-English country house in Cambridge, available as a filming location, from
A mix of faux old and new at this hotel in the Cotswolds, from The Manor House.
More traditional decor for this Spanish mansion, from Quinta Casa da Branca.
The rather surprising interior of the chateau in Lisieux from last week, from Belles Demeures.
If in doubt, books always form the best decor! From Belles Demeures.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: How to Furnish a Manor House”

  1. Books are most definitely the best décor, Marina Sofia! As for me, I’m a minimalist, so my first instinct is that place in the Cotswolds. But those other places also have some lovely things. You always choose the most beautiful photographs!

  2. I hate fussy patterns on furniture, but I don’t like stark white either. Either go bold or go calming for me. Sorry, but except for the reading room, none of these tickled my fancy!

  3. Counter-current: I’m so so glad only the last picture has books! The interior of the chateau of Lisieux looks promising, though I’d probably do something about the spotty material covering the armchairs, and add a reading-lamp… somewhere!

  4. I don’t much care for the cluttered look so am going for two of the more minimal styles. The chateau in Lisieux and the house in the Cotswolds would get my vote

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