Friday Fun: Shelfies

We’re no longer in writers’ homes (at least, not as far as we know), but I am sure I would be able to write some marvellous stuff in any of these places. As for reading…

Interesting little writing nook, from Pinterest.
A reading chair with a lamp and a fireplace, what more could you want? From
Even the narrowest of rooms can be made more attractive with bookcases (bonus points for the ladder), from
Ah, these Texans always have to do everything bigger and better than everyone else, from
English aristocracy will do its best to compete, here at Leeds Castle.
This is my personal favourite and when I heard it was actually a guesthouse in Transylvania… well, you know where I will be heading next! Transylvania Guesthouse in Cincsor.

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Shelfies”

  1. They’re all absolutely wonderful, Marina Sofia! I could lose myself in any of them. But my choice is the one at Leeds. It was hard, though, because they’re all so enticing.

  2. I think I could settle well in Transylvania for a few days but probably wouldn’t get any writing done – too many books to distract me. So maybe fancyfantacy would be a safer choice.

  3. The first two seem more intimate and less intimidating than the others, but I also see the appeal of your own favourite. Still, I wouldn’t say no to any or all! 😊

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