Friday Fun: Of the Classical Bent

It seems that many of us cannot get enough of the more classical style of libraries – lots of wood, darker colours, symmetrical decorations, comfy armchairs. Somewhere to hide from the crazy world!

Shutters down if you are in a Southern climate, to protect your books. From Pinterest.
Art and books merge seamlessly here, plus check out that strategically placed reading lamp. From The Fuller Review.
You know I can never resist a library with a mezzanine floor, and this cosy seating arrangement is perfect for two bookish friends. From Pinterest.
The Americans always have to do everything bigger and more opulent – the fireplace apparently was brought over from a London townhouse. From Sotheby’s.
If you do not have the ceiling height for mezzanines, this arrangement works well too. From Architectural Digest.
Another American entry, Dunham Library in California, from Veranda.

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Of the Classical Bent”

  1. *Looks up from packing luggage* I am leaving immediately to take up residence in the library from the Fuller Review. I’ll get in touch with everyone when I’m established there. Of course, the others are gorgeous, too., and I could see myself being perfectly happy in them, too.

    1. I think it’s the two windows and the desk which make the last one feel more light and airy than some of the others. My hallway has a mezzanine (a bit too narrow for bookshelves though), and it really is this that sold this house to me when we bought it 16 years ago.

  2. They’re all lovely (such a treat for the eyes) and I’d be happy in any of them; my choice, however, (which I think has two votes so far) is the second one, from the Fuller Review. It’s hard to resist that reading lamp & comfy looking chair!

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