Friday Fun: Impractical Houses

My Friday Fun fluffy posts have always been about escapism rather than practicalities, but the houses below might strain credulity.

Ncaved House in Greece, half-buried into the mountain, by Mold Architecture. It feels like a very barren place to me.
Sea conch shaped house in Mexico looks brilliant at first glance, but can you imagine trying to fit in any furniture – or having to repaint the exterior? From
This lighthouse-shaped house in Devon formed one of the saddest episodes of Grand Designs, as the owner not only took ten years and went millions of pounds into debt to build it, but his marriage also broke down in the process.
This playful, Moomin-like treetop house in Norway is destined for weekend stays… and is certainly not wheelchair friendly. From Azure Pan Cabin.
This Snail House in Sofia, Bulgaria, extends over five storeys (windows are all on the other side) – great fun, but the paint touch-up job must be excruciating. From Trip Advisor.
This one looks pretty much like a dream pad to me, except it feels slightly claustrophobic and I rather like my bedroom to be dark in the morning. From Pinterest.

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Impractical Houses”

  1. I remember that Grand Designs episode! Well done, and please please please get some rest this weekend. There’s something about all the Covid exposures through whatever form, that is exhausting. Like deep bone exhausting. Look after yourself.

  2. We can see the lighthouse house across the bay from our favourite beach. I don’t know how they got planning permission – it’s really prominent – and so very sad.

  3. Those are such inventive houses, Marina Sofia! Even if they are impractical, it’s fun to imagine what they might be like. The lighthouse one would be my choice, despite the impracticality of it. I just honestly wouldn’t want the half-buried one – I need my light and air. And the upkeep on some of the others would, as you say, be a nightmare. Fun to think about, though, definitely!

  4. Impractial maybe, but most of those are stunning! I would love a lighthouse style house, though not quite so keen on the snail. As for the last one, it’s rather lovely though I would need curtains or blinds!!

  5. I suppose if you can afford to build that conch house you can afford to buy bespoke furniture. Not keen on the one in Greece at all but I could quite see myself in the lighthouse

  6. Haha many thanks for this funny series of houses! the first one looks like a Mafia-style hideaway, the one in Norway I don’t understand why it’s so high off the ground. I guess I like the Mexico one best 🙂

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