Friday Fun: Libraries are good for the soul

… and home libraries even more so (although I like the sense of the unexpected that you get with public or university libraries… although I do frequently forget what books I have on certain shelves).

I was unable to discover a reliable source for this one, so it makes me think it’s a fantasy painting: certainly fits with my fantasy of everything a home library should have – shelves, greenery, natural light and a cat…
An antique desk, books with leather covers and a library ladder never go out of style. From
Not quite as stuffy in its classical style, with a daring blend of colours but perhaps too dark. From Laurel Bern Interiors.
OK, this one looks more corporate and bland, but the gallery line for art and the comfy seating are winners in my book. From Pinterest
Well, who doesn’t want a turret and a bookish staircase leading all the way up to Rapunzel’s office or reading room? From
So the colour of the bookcases might be slightly sickly, but with a room this size and the beautiful paintings, I think we can forgive this momentary lapse of reason. The Library of the 18th Duchess of Alba, Palacio de Liria, Madrid.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Libraries are good for the soul”

  1. Ah, Marina Sofia, I could lose myself in any one of these home libraries! They really do nourish the soul, don’t they? And each one of these has something appealing about it. My choice would be the one from – that staircase is so inviting, and I can just imagine a comfortable upstairs room… The rest are appealing, too, though.

  2. These home libraries are so beautiful. Mine does have a cat – but it’s nothing like any of these libraries. It’s spread between different rooms, wherever I can squeeze in a bookcase. 🙂

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