Friday Fun: Modern Architecture and Public Buildings

When I posted my university campuses post, one of my Twitter friends @buddclair said it’s all very well to be escapist, but what about ‘some pictures of the mundane, the Brutalist, the underfunded places where people spent their formative years, made friends and hopefully got a bit of education along the way’?

Of course, you know that my Friday Fun posts are all about escapism, so there was no way I would include ugly buildings in this collection. However, it did make me think of examples of 1960s or so architecture in public buildings that I could admire? Well, this could end up being a post entirely about Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. This is what I came up with, do let me know about your own favourites.

Clouds reflected in the Oscar Niemeyer Museum of Curitiba, Brazil.

He famously designed the new capital city of Brasilia – and always made the most of reflections. From Arch Daily.

Another view of the Congress building in Brasilia, because I just love the image of the cars sinking into the water. From Sounds and Colours.

A European example of Niemeyer’s work, the Mondadori HQ in Milan, Italy, and once again his great use of reflections. From

My personal favourite (and the one I have visited) is the spaceship-like modern art museum in Rio (Niteroi). From
The red carpte twisty entrance to the Niteroi Museum – and the views! From

And this is what it looks like inside the Modern Art Museum in Niteroi – Captain Kirk, you are wanted on the bridge! From Wikiwand.
There are, however, contemporary examples of architecture which really resonate with me: the Bosjes Chapel in South Africa, for instance, designed by Steyn Studio, London. From Arch Daily.

Last, but not least, the Harbin Opera House in China, designed by MAD Architects in China. From

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Modern Architecture and Public Buildings”

    1. I do tend to get lost in my ‘research’ for Friday Fun posts… but my excuse is that I’d probably do that anyway, whether I were posting or not.

  1. Amazing Marina. You have really surpassed yourself with these. I think I like the Milan one the best.

    Happy Fridayx

  2. These buildings are beautiful, Marina Sofia! And it’s interesting: when I was young, I spent a summer in Brazil (well, winter there, of course). The family I lived with actually knew Niemeyer. I honestly can’t remember now if they were friends or just knew each other casually, but still! I remember they had two books he’d written on how and why he built Brasilia as he did. It was fascinating!

  3. You’ve surpassed yourself with this glorious collection – I’d never heard of Niemeyer’ but am entranced with these examples of his work.
    Wish I’d known about Bosjes Chapel previously – I was in that part of S Africa a few years ago and would definitely have made a detour to visit. The fact that it’s on a vineyard would not of course have influenced me in the slightest

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