Friday Fun: Something Old, Something New…

Some of these libraries are actually old, but most of them are ‘faux’. Some of them only slightly pretend to be classical. Never mind – I could happily put up with any of them!

The Franckeshe Stiftung, Halle, was indeed founded at the end of the 17th century. From

I did not know that the Opera Garnier in Paris also has a library.

Strawberry Hill House is neo-Gothic – so 18th century masquerading as 14th. From Teddington NUB News.

The Biltmore Mansion in North Carolina clearly longs for the French chateau or English country house style. From Wikimedia.

Modern but clearly inspired by olde worlde style, from Pinterest.

Unapologetically modern, Mediterranean and 1960s in style. From Casa Om.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Something Old, Something New…”

  1. I love libraries with spiral staircases, though I would probably trip on the way up or down… but my favourites have to be the ones with sofas to lounge on!

  2. I could happily lose myself in any of these libraries, Marina Sofia! How absolutely lovely! The one I’d choose is the one from Pinterest (the penultimate one), but they are all so inviting.

  3. That’s a great selection of libraries. I like the one with the spiral staircase and also Strawberry Hill, which I’ve wanted to visit for years.

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