Friday Fun: A Writing Shed of One’s Own

This is the dream, isn’t it, for all writers, particularly when it’s hot and stuffy in the house? Here are some cool-looking spots for your unwind at the back of your garden… if you have one.

Turquoise beauty with porch, from No Wasted Ink.

The sound of running water must be so soothing. From BookTrust.

This one even has an upper floor! From Pinterest.

Charming shed on stilts with a little terrace, this is Elly Griffith’s writing retreat. From her website/newsletter.

Among the terraced houses of London, in the back garden, you can find this beauty. And it even has a stove! From Home Design Lover.

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: A Writing Shed of One’s Own”

  1. Oh, it would be wonderful to have a writing shed like that, Marina Sofia! I could richly enjoy any of these, actually. They all look inviting, peaceful and quiet – just what a writing shed should be. I’d choose the first one, but they’re all fabulous.

  2. The last example appeals most, but they all remind me of Virginia Woolf’s own writing lodge in Sussex, which we visited a few years ago – though I suspect in Virgina’s day its condition wasn’t as tidy as the National Trust maintain it now!

  3. I do actually have a writer’s shed at the bottom ( not far from my back door ) of my garden. It is called the Aunty Evelyn memorial summer house because our maiden aunt, who everyone thought had no money, left the seven of us some money to share equally. Just enough to buy my little shed. Alas at the moment it is full of junk, belonging to son and partner who lived with me for a while and now doing up the house they bought. But I do have a tiny beach hut where I also write so you could do beach huts next!

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