Friday Fun: Walking Up and Down the Mall

When I first moved to London, I was lucky enough to be asked to housesit for the parents of one of my dearest schoolfriends in the beautiful part of town called Chiswick. Their flat wasn’t by the river, but I soon made a habit of walking all the way from Barnes Bridge to Hammersmith Bridge, up and down the footpaths by the river called Malls: Chiswick Mall, Upper and Lower Mall. Last week I visited the place again for the first time in twenty years, and although there seem to be even more rich people around in that area, and new developments have been built to reflect that, it still has some of its old charm.

This is how I remember the place mostly: flood defences in the doorways, narrow footpath, small houses with balconies.

Eric Ravilious and Tirzah Garwood lived here for a few years, back in the 1930s when it was more affordable.

Georgian and Regency architecture and a Riviera like mood, with very often…
… the front garden on the other side of the road, overlooking the river.
Some fine historic buildings there: Westcott Lodge overlooking Furnivall Gardens.
Perhaps these people could not afford a gardener? But it looked invitingly shady in the heat…

College House looks like a dreamy little French maison, but sadly lies on a big piece of land, so might be turned into a larger development soon.
And this was my absolute favourite: the poise, the symmetry, the shady garden. Near the famous The Dove Pub.

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Walking Up and Down the Mall”

  1. How beautiful, Marina Sofia! And how lucky you are to have had the chance to see all that loveliness up close. Even though things have changed (don’t they always!), it’s good to see that there is still quite a lot of beaty in the place. It must be a balm.

  2. Your favourite is also mine. Looks so calming. You’re lucky to be able to still get down to the waterfront. We walked down river to Greenwich some years ago and the river side was often blocked by private access signs.

  3. Thanks, I’ve never been there, so I love looking at a new place. Somehow it doesn’t look like England to me, except for the second one, more like France or Switzerland ….

    1. It’s the river Thames, and Mall used to the word for a place where people can walk up and down and parade their finery, from Pall Mall.

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