Friday Fun: Library Ladders

A good friend Ewa Sherman showed me a library ladder on Twitter (knowing how partial I am to such distractions) and that inspired me to find some of the most congenial library ladders of all time. From the classical to the more modern…

A pleasant little viewing platform at the top, from Bran Appetit.

Painted ceilings and chandeliers match so well with these bookshelves, don’t they? From

A public rather than a private library, so not sure how health and safety feel about that ladder? From

A more modern and realistic take on the library ladder from Andrew Nebett Designs.

In contemporary UK, Neville Johnson seems to have the monopoly on bespoke fitted bookshelves and wardrobes.

I don’t have favourites, but if I did, this might be it. A whole top floor room dedicated to bookshelves, reading and ladders. More books needed, of course. From

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Library Ladders”

    1. Maybe I should have said: ‘we take requests’. I believe Emma from BookAround once asked for basement conversions during a particularly hot summer).

  1. I love that top floor, too, Marina Sofia! Those ladders are so inviting! They remind me of when I was a teenager and worked in my school’s library. We had a ladder to get to the highest shelves (although it wasn’t nearly as lovely as these, and the library was nowhere as big!). There was a world of books on the high shelves just waiting to be explored!

  2. The first one – a stable mobile staircase, with what you call a viewing platform? Yes please! A convenient way to access books and peruse them too, though the drawback being that it takes up a lot of room… Still, add a few shelves in the structure and voilà, more book storage!

  3. This makes me feel guilty about owning so many books not at all! In fact, ow I want more shelves and a ladder to accompany them! I remember when I was in high school, there was a store called Scandinavian Design which had a modern ladder and bookshelf I absolutely listed after…

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