Friday Fun: Parisian Apartments

Let’s pay a visit to the gorgeous, airy Haussmannian apartments in the well-heeled areas of Paris now that their occupants are on holiday. I’ve been inspired by the elegant apartments shown in the film The Woman from the Fifth (Arrondissement), I hasten to add, not the dodgy hotel in the peripherie.

This is the typical, very symmetrical and neutrally-coloured French apartment, but with a splash of colour. From Architectural Digest.

The flow from one room to another and the neutral walls go well with both classical and contemporary elements. From

This one even includes a view of the Eiffel Tower! From Architectural Digest.
The wooden parquet in chevron patterns are very characteristic for city apartments, from

How’s this for a spectacular entrance hall and corridor? From

The blue colour of the bookshelves and the large windows make this room irresistible, and they have a coffee table which looks rather similar to mine (who knew I was so stylish!) From

Ah, now that’s what I call a living room (or library)! From

But perhaps best of all is to have this blank canvas and just imagine all you could do with this gorgeous space and view! From Faraway Places.

17 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Parisian Apartments”

  1. These are wonderful. Of course they are. But can I see myself slouching around in faded jeans and an ancient T shirt early on a Monday morning? I rather think not.

      1. I would definitely recommend it – I’ve watched a few episodes but my partner is eagerly awaiting the announcement of a third series!

  2. Such beautiful apartments, Marina Sofia!! I’m sure they’re ridiculously costly, but they are all so lovely! If I could have food delivered, I might never leave the one from All those books, a lovely place to live… what more to want?

  3. I watched that movie and didn’t get the ending and some other parts regarding Margit. Guess I need to read the book.

  4. That second one is so elegant. I’d be afraid to have anything to eat or drink in there though, just in case I made a mess and spoiled the symmetry

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