In the mood for holidays

It feels like this holiday has been a long time coming – once again, I am barely able to crawl down the finishing straight, and will have to resign myself to leaving a few things undone, a few deadlines unmet, but hopefully no one other than myself disappointed.

I am sure I am not alone in feeling that the last few months have been hard. Rising prices in just about everything, frozen or even dwindling income, very little of the work I actually enjoy coming in, lots of rejection for both translations and original work, even a personal rejection when I dared to open up a little to one person. The usual merry-go-round of concern about my sons’ academic progress and work experience (or lack thereof), house repairs, appliances going AWOL and unexpected additional expenses, plus major worries about Mlle Zoe’s state of health (and that of my parents), find a house and cat sitter etc. etc. So no wonder I feel ‘pleoștită’ – a beautiful, somewhat onomatopeic Romanian expression for someone who is battered, flattened, like a tyre with all the air let out.

I won’t be blogging or reviewing while I am on holiday, other than the Friday Fun posts which I’ve already scheduled. Nor will I be spending too much time online and reading your blogs. Instead, I will try to recapture my legendary energy and va-va-voom, if the heat permits. Here is the musical vibe I will be after:

(Although I am still made that Stan Getz didn’t pay Astrud Gilberto any royalties for this super-hit)

16 thoughts on “In the mood for holidays”

  1. I’m glad you’re taking a richly deserved holiday, Marina Sofia! The past few months have been very hard for us all, and it’s good that you’re taking some time away. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Have a great holiday Marina and keep chasing the dreams. That song is a really old favourite of mine too.

    1. I just remembered that the singer of that wonderful song was Astrud Gilberto. She is now 82

  3. Enjoy your holiday, have fun, get some rest and recharge your batteries!

    PS : in my region ‘pleoștită’ is said “je suis schlass”.

      1. Probably. Local patois sounds like German and lots of German sounding words are in colloquial language.
        Kaffe klatsch is one of my favorite.

  4. You deserve a wonderful holiday to concentrate on all things you! I’m sending a gentle virtual hug for dear Mlle Zoe; I do hope her health improves soon.

  5. Have a lovely break, Marina Sofia, away from cares and worries, if at all possible, and we’ll still be here when hopefully you come back refreshed and more optimistic.

  6. I’m sorry to hear about the health worries for your parents and Zoe – no wonder you’re feeling worn out. Hope you have a relaxing, reinvigorating break and come back feeling stronger for it!

  7. ‘pleoștită’ is a much nicer word than knackered/exhausted – is there a more appropriate single word in English? Anyway, have a wonderful break, stay cool and I hope it does the trick. x

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