Friday Fun: Cape Town Apartments

One of my favourite cities in the world is Cape Town, because of its stunning natural location. You can find some of the most luxurious apartments with sea views there, although it’s problematic if we compare them with the dire conditions in shantytowns like Khayelitsha, just a couple of kilometres away. A third of the population of Cape Town lives in slums or substandard housing, 99% of the inhabitants of the slums are black, and it is very sad that this situation continues many years after the abolition of apartheid. However, this Friday Fun is all about escapism, so let’s try and forget about this for just short while and allow ourselves to think about holidays instead.

A more traditional decorating approach to this flat in Bakoven, from

Bantry Bay, Cape Town – leather seems to be a staple in South African interior design, but might get sticky in hot weather. From

A very modern take, from James Edition.

You’d have to be very sure your neighbours wouldn’t be watching, but I rather like the idea of having a bath within earshot of the sea (I think you can close the walls/windows too). From Villa Concepts.

I liked these villas in Clifton View so much that you will now see them from three different angles, this one from The Pinnacle List.
The terrace for the Clifton View Villas, from

And a view from the opposite end, from Antoni and Associates.

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Cape Town Apartments”

  1. Thanks Marina for giving the South African experience another twist. As you may remember I have been teaching African Novels and was deep into apartheid overthrow. As a perpetual optimist I do hope life can be more like that reflected in your pictures.

  2. Oh, my goodness, these are all so beautiful, Marina Sofia! I love the sense of air and space, and those views are to die for! My choice would be the first one, but honestly, I love them all!

  3. I’d happily move into any of these ( though wouldn’t ever risk taking a bath in that fourth one. I stayed in an apartment close to Bantry Bay a few years away. Watching the sun go down from the terrace was the highlight of the day.

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