Friday Fun: Needing Holidays Again!

Another week of horrendous ill health (I’ll spare you the details) and generally feeling quite helpless and low about most things. I’m ready for another holiday, aren’t you? Escapism is more needed than ever before, so here are some pictures to put you in a more positive frame of mind.

Fairytale house and courtyard, with Encanto vibes, from Pinterest.

Nothing better than an inner courtyard with a water feature, from

A dream restaurant in the French Antilles. From
An unusual but spectacular inner courtyard at a hotel, from

A beautiful garden and sea views, what’s not to like, from

I do believe this is the Amalfi Coast? I don’t think I would want anyone sitting on those comfy seats, covering the view though. From

14 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Needing Holidays Again!”

  1. I would love a house with a courtyard, even better, with the fourth side opening onto a sea view. Hope you feel better soon, even if you don’t get a fantastic holiday.

  2. Sorry to hear about your health issues. Hopefully, a bright BH weekend will help you recover. In my mind, I’m sitting in the French restaurant by the river – bliss!

  3. As someone who has been housebound for the last year due to crippling pain, I can sympathise. But it will get better, you just have to hang on in and believe that better times are coming. I know how hard that is, so let friends help and don’t beat yourself up when things feel like they are defeating you. xxx

  4. The Antilles one or the Amalfi Coast for me Marina. My daughter’s just texting me from Morocco! I hope you’ve got some good books to read that will take your mind off things. I’m attempting the Booker Longlist but today the library’s closed. Go well, from Peter

  5. Very sorry to hear you’re ill, Marina Sofia! Add feeling low and it all makes things that much worse. I hope you’re better soon. In the meantime, thanks for these gorgeous escapes! I think I’ll have something to eat at that lovely restaurant, and then perhaps relax in that living room overlooking the Amalfi Coast…

  6. While I love sitting and reading in my garden, these photos just make me want to get my suitcase out right away. Amalfi coast or the inner courtyards would be favourite.

  7. So sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell, Marina, and I really hope you feel better soon. Best wishes to Zoe, too…no wonder you’re feeling low.

    The Amalfi Coast looks gorgeous, just the spot for a nice glass of Falanghina or Fiano, two of my favourite whites.

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