Friday Fun: Bring the Outdoors In

It’s now officially autumn but I can’t quite hunker down, close the shutters and light the fire (that I don’t have). So let’s try to bring some nature and light indoors and maybe even go out on the terrace on a mild day.

Always love the French country-house style. From
Big windows and indoor plants, a lovely combination, from
Sitting under the grapevines – nothing more pleasant at this time of the year, from Town’n’Country Living.
Even if you’re on the first floor, you can still have the windows overlooking greenery, from
Comfy chairs for reading are always welcome, although I would have them facing the window (fewer interruptions), from
French windows yet again, from

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Bring the Outdoors In”

  1. What a lovely way to let the light in and enjoy the greenery, etc.. from the comfort of indoors, Marina Sofia! These are all such beautiful places, it’s hard to choose this time. But I think I like the one from homeadore the most. I love the balance of indoors/outdoors here.

  2. I do have rather a lot of plants in my house, but not as stylishly as in these pictures. I love watching Gardeners’ World, especially viewers’ gardens and most interesting are viewers’ homes where plants have completely taken over!

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