Friday Fun: Shepherds’ Lifestyle

I often boast about being descended from shepherds, which is also the most traditional occupation in Romania (one of our oldest folk ballads features shepherds – albeit, quarrelling ones). There is no one in the younger generation to keep the tradition going, but maybe if I had a hut like one of those below, I might change my mind!

Now a popular form of ‘glamping’. I just can’t see my great-uncle sitting in that deckchair! From

They look more like railway carriages than shepherd huts to me, but I wouldn’t turn one down. From

I’m certain that the only bath my ancestors had in their huts while they were up on the mountain in summer was in buckets or mountain streams. From

Is it a shepherd’s hut or a boudoir? From

This is the more realistic sort of place that I remember from my childhood, from AlpinClick.

And here is a French one from the early 20th century. From

15 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Shepherds’ Lifestyle”

  1. That’s a really great one this morning about shepherds Marina. You have a wonderful way of moving from your own country of Romania to other interesting places.

    It reminded me strangely of The Wakefield Pageants in the Townley Cycle which were Medieval plays about shepherds like Mak and Gil, knockabout comedy played out on carts in the village square with a bit of religion thrown in!

  2. I’m sure your ancestors would have been clutching their sides with laughter once they’d raised their jaws from the floor had they seen these! Can’t look at them without thinking of a certain prime minister, I’m afraid.

    1. Yes, it annoyed me no end that he used one for writing his epic memoirs… although, to be fair, if I had the money and the shamelessness to write the memoirs of my failures, I would probably install one in my garden as well. They do look lovely!

  3. Those first few really don’t look much like authentic shepherds’ huts, Marina Sofia, but they’re lovely. The second one especially appeals to me. That said, though, it’s also good to see what they really did look like…

    1. All for progress, if it means running water, heating, electricity. Being stuck up a mountain for 5 months a year without any of that (albeit in summer) can’t have been much fun.

    1. My bones may no longer be able to cope with sleeping in a tent but I did my share of camping and hiking when I was young. I was stunned and amused to hear my ex say he had never used a backpack in his life, only a suitcase. (That should have been a warning!)

      1. I, on the other hand, was the spoiled one in my relationship. My husband grew up camping with his family. I tried ONCE to stay in a tent and just couldn’t get on with it at all. Personally, give me a hotel or a B&B over anything rustic, any day of the week.

  4. You need nice weather though so not so claustrophobic and when you’d get wet when going to the loo – wherever that is. I’d prefer more space in a plumbed in railway carriage I think. 😀

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